Monday, November 29, 2010

Wet Feet

I used to have a car a while ago. It was a Toyota Corolla. This was back in the
80’s. I remember it having a problem with the air conditioning. Something got plugged up in it somewhere and every time I took a left turn, the water would drain into the car on the passenger side.

Well, I was reminded of this while doing a road test. I got into the Toyota Corolla; the carpet was wet and had a lot of mold. The car also smelled quite bad. I started my speech. The first turn was to the right (no problem) our second turn is to the left (whoohoo) I got my free foot wash. I was not happy. The young girl was so nervous. She kept apologizing over and over. I moved my feet so as not to get wet again. She ate up all her points in the parallel parking and the backing in. We made a left turn to go and do the quick stop and the straight line backing. Yeehaa! I held my feet so they would not get wet again. I was prepared this time. Again more apologizing from the young girl. Quick stop was good, however when she was backing up, she was weaving and she ran her tires on the curb. Well….too many points. The test ended with a failure and two wet feet.


Marcel said...

How did the driver's feet stay dry?

cheryl said...

the condensation was only released when turning to the left. No water was released on the drivers feet.

Too bad though. They probably would have that fixed sooner if it were getting the driver wet.

Anonymous said...
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