Monday, January 19, 2009


I know I promised new pictures. So here they are. Daniel's picture is his graduation from boot camp. Since the picture, he has come home for Christmas and just before New Years, Scott and I helped him drive his car out to his home base in Phoenix AZ. He is now living and training for his new job at Luke AFB. He will be working on the fuel systems of the F-16.

As for John, he went back to the Mid East just before Thanksgiving. He will return home again (in CA) in March. (Kind of stinks when you have two little ones at home, but that's the job they choose.)
Tracy has not had to go back to Iraq since she gave birth to Jillian.
Here are two pictures of John with numerous "stars". Some one star, two star, three star and the one shaking his hand is 4 star Generals. He was explaining the suite. The suite is like what the astronaut's wear in space. He is in charge of these as the U2 is capable of going that high. You can see the U2 in the back ground of one picture. This is why we can not know where he is when he goes over to the Middle East.