Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holidays in Iraq

For Thanksgiving, my son John spent this holiday in Iraq. (thank you Bush)
After his 4-6 month tour over there, he got to come home for Christmas. John, (his wife) Tracy and (their son) Tyler live in CA. Such a long way from Ga. We did not get to spend this Christmas with them. Just glad he was back here in the States. (thank you Bush)
They live at Beale AFB in the northern area, NE of San Francisco I think.
We received news, Tracy is leaving today for Iraq. (thank you Bush)
We pray her tour goes well and she returns safe and alive.

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas went well. Tim and JP were able to join us in GA with Mom, Dad, Duane and his family. What a wonderful time.
My daughter Amanda and her son Matthew were unable to get to GA for either holiday. She had a recient job change and did not aquire the vacation time. We hope to see them durring the summer. She does appologize for not keeping up her blog. She said she will try this year to update at least once in awhile.(she can not promise anything at this time)

Scott has spent numerous hours in a tree stand during the holidays. I just can't understand sitting in the cold weather, in a tree, for hours on end. He likes it and has one deer so far to show for his efforts (or freezing his butt off) this year. He says he has seen quite a few but is being very picky about which he shoots. He does have one mount and is waiting for another "big one".

Happy Holidays to all and please y'all be safe and have a happy New Year.

Thursday, December 21, 2006



Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Cookies

The other day Mom and I were makeing Christmas Cookies. She wanted to take some to Tim. I understand his favorites are the Peanut Blossoms and Snickerdoodles. He does like others, however Mom decided to make these two for him. I was there to help. If you are a cookie lover and a cookie maker, you know that you cannot substitute any of the fattening products for the non fat type of products. We tried! We tried to substitute no fat peanut butter and low fat ....something the mix of the Peanut Blossoms. The cookies are supposed to look like cute little beige buttons with a chocolate kiss in the center. Looks like a puffy little cream colored hat with a brown pointed top......... Well.......... when you try to make them ........ok......healthy cookies..... they come out ...well..........looking like they were made for......... Holloween....... They look like little witches hats. The brim section is not button puffy..... it is very flat! Then the chocolate kiss added to it.......makes it look just like the witches hat. They still tasted good, actually Danny prefered these to the puffy ones. Puffy is a little crunchy and the flat was chewy.