Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheryl's Green Beans

I have had numerous requests for my green bean recipe. I have given it out verbally and explained it is very simple. I have been asked to put it in writing. So for all those who want to have it written out:


1 - (50 oz / 3 lb) can Green Beans
8 - Roma Tomatoes
1/4 cup Dipping oil (any kind will do, I prefer Mediterranean Garlic)

Set oven to broil, raise rack to second level.
Cover cookie sheet with tin foil. Dice tomatoes and put on the cookie sheet. Broil the tomatoes in the oven for approx 30-45 minutes or until they start to blacken.
Drain green beans and empty into large mixing bowl. Pour in 1/4 cup Dipping oil. Pour in the darkened tomatoes. Mix very well. Pour into microwave safe serving bowl. This last step can be done right before serving, if you are taking the dish to a dinner. Microwave for 3 minutes on high.

Serves 12. Enjoy!