Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wendy's for dinner

We went to Wendy's for dinner one evening. I wanted their chili poured over a garden salad. Scott and Danny's thing to do is, the double burger with chili and fries and drink.
Any way...... we sat down to eat and Danny got up to get a spoon for his frosty. I asked him to pick up a fork and knife for me as well. Scott forgot a straw, he got up and Danny came back. As Scott was on his way back, I over heard the young man sitting with his back to me say " be more quiet, there are people sitting right here". So I turned to my right and saw two young ladies sitting to my right with the young guy. The young guy and one young lady had their backs to me. The other young lady sat facing me and she looked right at me when I turned to look in that direction. Scott sat down........
The young lady was about 15 or 16 as were the others.

My mistake........no young lady.......... her comment to the young man was extremely loud and she sounded angry ......"who cares what they think.....they're old farts anyway........."

Old farts?........Ol' farts?.......... when did we become old farts?

I turned to Scott to say something about this and realized while looking at him,... OK, ....yeah he did look like an old fart..... With his grey hair and some wrinkles... but.....when did we cross over that line? I don't remember having that celebration of becoming an old fart. I don't think I'm an old fart. When did our age become the old farts? I missed something. I'm not an old fart. My mind just kept racing these thoughts over and over in my mind....I'm not an old fart.
I said nothing to Scott and ate my food in silence.

Then as we got up to leave, Scott and Danny were already throwing their items out as I got up from the table. I pushed my chair in and said in a low voice " at least I never was a young piss ant"....

I only had one indication that they heard what I said.

When we were backing out of the space in the parking lot, the girl with her back to me fingered us.

It's nice to know that, .... we are the number one old farts.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deer Hunting

For all of you who know Scott, he likes to hunt deer.
For all of you who don't know Scott, he likes to hunt deer.
Here in Georgia, it's now deer hunting season. He drives about three to four hours southwest of our place to hunt on another persons land. He has quite a few friends from Florida who meet at this same property. They all stay for the weekend. They have trailers set up and have a place to stay. They all pitch in and purchase food for the time they are there. They cook by the camp fire and shoot the breeze in the evenings. During the time when the deer are active, they choose a "deer stand" to sit in during the early morning hours and wait for deer to pass in front of them or around them to possibly shoot. So far I believe there have been three to four weekends of this. Last weekend, Scott chose not to go down to the lease. We were watching TV on Sunday night after dinner. Scott said he would like to have some pizza rolls to munch on. I told him there were some in the freezer. He got up to look and proclaimed that what was in the freezer was egg rolls not pizza rolls. He then decided to go to the local shopping store to pick some up. I was watching some of the programing for about a half hour and decided to pick up my book and read a little. About an hour into reading, I paused, looked at my watch and wondered to myself.....why....does it take an hour.... to buy pizza rolls? He must be talking to someone in the store or has been strolling around looking for something else to munch on........ He'll do that sometimes.... stroll the store just looking for some garbage food.

He finally came back home.... Motioned for me to come outside.
I said " it sure took a long time to get pizza rolls! Or did you get in a wreck!"
..... He said comm'ere.....and pointed to the front of his truck. I said " holy crap... did you hit a wall? What did you do? Oh my gosh..... are you OK? what happened?" He walked around the side of the truck, of course I followed and he pointed in the back of the truck..... I said " oh my god... you hit a dog...." He said "no!". ........ As I came around the full back of the truck, I could then see the "rack".

He never got the pizza rolls.....
He got his deer alright.......with his truck. This was one expensive deer...... $4500 dollars worth of front end damage.
He was 185 lbs.
Yes he took him to the processor to see what could be salvaged.
Yes, he kept the rack.
For those who want to know points.......I believe it was 7 or 8.

Not the way you want to deer hunt.