Friday, January 19, 2007

A Night at the Oscars

Last night was a wonderful party, held at the new ranch condo's that Mom and Dad just purchased. It was an open house, the theme was an "Oscar Night at the Meadows of Jodeco".

It was amazing.

They had the bright lights that circled around in the sky. They were right at the entrance to the subdivision, letting you know you had arrived!

The main street was lined with luminaries (little white bags with a candle inside). As you drove up to the brightly lit building (club house), it really made you feel special.

There were gentlemen out front to open your door and valet park your car. (we did not do this part, we parked at Mom's)

As you walked up the front walk, they had a red carpet with stars on it. Mom and Dad, had their own star (on the walk of fame).

There was a woman taking pictures as you walked on the red carpet.

You were also met by "Joan Shivers" who was dressed in an Oscar gown and doing interviews. She stopped us and said to Mom, "It's not who you are, but who you are wearing!, Who are you wearing?" She talked a mile a minute and was very funny. The woman really looked like Joan Rivers. (I found out later she was a hired actress who did this for parties)

We went inside and signed in. There was a man doing caricatures in the fitness room. He was very good.

There was picture taking with Elvis, John Wayne and Marylin Monroe.

They had music, food and door prizes.

The music was fun and the food..........omg........there was so much food. Hard to choose what you wanted to eat. Then, all the desserts. WOW!

When they were giving out the door prizes, they would call the persons name as you would walk up to receive your prize, they played theme music. After you accepted your prize, there was canned applause as well as everyone in the room clapping.

When they were finished with the door prizes, they were giving out the Oscars. They had some of the home owners fill out some forms a while back a little background information and they read them out loud and presented them with a gold foil covered, chocolate Oscar. (again the music as they went up to accept their award and more applause)

We left the party as they started the music for the nightly dancing. It was "quite a performance".