Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dreaming in a dream

Does anyone know someone who interprets dreams?

I get very frustrated in a dream only to find out it was a dream.

I had fallen asleep, and started to dream...... that I was going to bed and had fallen asleep. I found someone in my house who was not supposed to be there. I was scarred and started screaming.... as I hollered for Scott he came running..... He was shaking me saying wake up, it's only a was very hard to wake up because then I realized......that was a dream and I was still screaming and then Scott really woke me up saying that it was a dream.

For a while I stayed awake....... I don't like it when I dream in a dream.
Has anyone else had this experience?
Does anyone know what this means?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baggage pick up

I have found I am blogging about as much as Aunt Monica or Uncle John. So I was told I needed to step it up....

Recently my mother went on a trip to Detroit. On her way back, she was to bring some kielbasa home. I was instructed to pick mom up at the airport, specific date and time.... Not a problem.. I arraigned my schedule to be at the airport. Well, the day came to go to the airport. Mom called me and said, "I'm not on the plane, however, my bags are on. This means the kielbasa is on it's way. Can you go to the airport and pick up the bags?" problem.

At the specified time, I was at the airport to collect the bags. I was afraid if I did not look like the people who had gotten off the plane, they may not let me take the bags. So I asked around to find out which carousel the bags would be on. I was instructed to carousel seven. No one was even around number seven and there were no bags around number seven. I kind of stood around number six and then finally backed off toward a wall. I was thinking that the plane had not yet shown up and I was early.

I stood by the wall and was watching some policemen with a search dog. They would take a piece of luggage from this stack about 20 feet away from where I was and then have the dog sniff that bag and walk on. I watched this go on for quite a few bags.

I was getting quite impatient that the carousel had yet to turn and that people were not showing up to retrieve their bags from the flight Mom was supposed to be on.

So I watch the security people move another bag...... Hey.... Wait...that looked like mom's bag........I walked over toward the bag... the policeman told me to get back and leave it there. I told him, "that's my bag!" He said, "leave it there for a minute...we're doing some training." I asked if there was a second bag with a gold ribbon on it? He said "yes," and pointed to the bag stack that was 20 feet away from me. He said I could go get that one. He mentioned that the dog kept going over there and they needed to find out why.

(I'm guessing they thought there might have been drugs in them)

I told them that there was polish meat in one of the bags.

They said that is not what the dog was looking for but they all burst out laughing.....

I took my meat and left.............