Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Weird how no one wants to stop at a yellow or faded stop sign.

NO, it's not there to trip you up or make you fail, it just happened that way from the weather. Really!

It still says 'STOP' and it is of hexagon shape.

So everybody get with it and STOP at it!

FYI, I asked a 16yr old girl "why didn't you stop at this sign?"
Young girl "It's not red!"
me: Seriously?

I asked a young man "why didn't you stop at that yellow stop sign?"
young man: "There was a stop sign? Really? There was one there? Is that why the truck beeped at me?"


Marcel said...

If you have to say "yellow" it is really faded. If the book says "red" it should be red. Time to ask the state for a replacement.

cheryl said...

It's called weathering. We didn't do anything to it, the weather did. We have also requested it to be replaced. That's up to DOT.