Saturday, July 17, 2010


After my initial vehicle checks, I go around to the passenger side of the vehicle and get into the seat. I close the door. I start my speech. “hello my name is Cheryl, I will be the examiner for today.”

I fling the car door back open and hop out. What the….

I ask the guy “is this seat wet?” His response “well…ugh….I had my Gatorade there, must a spilled a little.” So, I said “oh well, ok here is some plastic on the floor, do you mind if I cover the seat with it. (the car was filthy by the way so covering the seat was a good choice anyway.) He said “no, go ahead.” I covered the lower portion of the seat with the plastic, and got back in. This car also had no air conditioning. So we got to sweat in the 90+ degree weather during the slow maneuvering. Yeah!

When the full test was completed, I felt like a had a pint of sweat on my back…..but noooooooo… was Gatorade. It had wicked up the back portion of the seat back, so my waist up was wet from the Gatorade not in the center of the back where the sweat would have been.

I think if a car has a wet seat or even a vehicle that is that dirty again, I will refuse to test. They would need to bring back another vehicle to test in.



Marcel said...

Did he get points off for Inspector abuse?

cheryl said...

No but I wish I could have. If I knew before hand how wet the seat was, I could have refused the test and he would have had to bring another vehicle.