Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Wow, I had to reorder checks recently.
I remember when I used to pay $17.00 for a box of checks.
I would order two boxes at a time. I would receive 50 checks per bound, a total of 400 checks. I know the checks had been going up in price however, over the years they have been decreasing the amount of checks per box. I did not realize it until the price was $45.00 for two boxes and I am only receiving a total of 240 checks. I was not happy and told the woman on the phone, “I know this is not your fault, do you realize that this is what they did with the 16oz can of food in the grocery store? They increased the price and reduced the amount in the can.”
Guess they are going to get me one way or another.

Oh, by the way, those who think the price I am paying is totally outrageous, I pay extra to have top stub checks.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Free Flowers

I had gone grocery shopping. Out side of the store they had a huge display of flowering plants. On the inside, they had potted flowers. I wasn't sure of the difference. The ones on the inside were however more expensive.

I took a basket and proceeded back outside to pick up a few inexpensive plants. I was pleased with my choice of three which would have amounted to around ten dollars.

As I was walking through the store, I was stopped by a woman who looked very surprised at my choices and said OH! You're a gardener?!! Do you know if "Blankity blank blank" (I don't even know what kind of plant she asked about now). if it comes back each year or not? I said I had just (no lie) asked a neighbor the same question not more than an hour ago. She planted hers last year and it came back this year, bigger and stronger, however I did not see any of those out front of the store. The woman told me " that's because I took the rest of them, Here." (she handed me one) It had a sticker on it that said $.50. I was shocked. She said they always put out the plants that are no longer blooming out side and they are all marked down. Her basket was full of plants. I told her I would just go out front and check that out. She said, "no, I took them all. You can have this one".

So I took the plant, did my shopping and then proceeded to the area where they would have these discount items. I had also picked up some wilted tulips for $1.00. That's all that she left. She aparently is not a bulb person. What a find. I'm going to keep my eye open for more buys like this.

By the way this was not in the same area as the new beautiful flowering plants. They, the new ones distracted the unknowing consumer from the wilting out of season ones. But , I now know to watch for these.