Sunday, May 30, 2010


Those who have me on FB know I now work for the Department of Driver Services. (DDS) I have had some experiences that I will share. I hope you find them amusing.

I got into the car with this young lady. I advised her what she was to do within the parking lot. I told her if she had any questions to ask, that way she would be clear on what she was going to be doing. That there would be no confusion. She proceeded to do the parellell parking and the backing in parking just fine. (not perfect but good enough to pass this portion) We go through another few manouvers and still enough points to pass.

Now it is time to go on the road. I asked her to turn left, she did just fine. After this first turn everything fell apart. I asked her to turn right, she turned left. I asked her to turn left, she turned right. I was wondering how were we going to get back to the building. Then we were on a road that she could only turn one way, I said turn left, whew! that was the only way she could turn. Now we are on a road that ends into a five lane road. I do not want to cross all this traffic with her so I said "turn right..... turn right, turn right, turn right. She proceeded across all five lanes of traffic and went left. She then got into the middle lane. I said "when we get closer to the traffic light we will be turning left. That is a the light." She started to fade into the right lane at this point. I finally lost it and yelled at her also pointing in front of her face (to her left) "GET IN THAT LANE". We were finally in the left lane on the road back to the office. Good thing there is nothing across the street from our office. I said "turn left into the parking lot and park the vehicle in any space you would like".

No she did not pass. Failure to follow instructions.

I now carry my license with me.