Friday, October 5, 2007

Mountain Music

Scott and I were asked to go to visit with some friends. We were going to meet ½ way. Our friends live in Illinois. So they asked if we wanted to meet in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Not knowing anything about either of the two we said it would be fine. All we knew about either was what was shown on commercials. Looked ok........ We went....... We drove up, around the mountains. Scott thought that would be quicker, it was, not by much. His GPS was telling him to go one way and he wanted to go another. He did not understand why the GPS was wanting him to go this route.

Ok, so we got there. oh….my….gosh…
Well, I don’t know how many of you have been there or how many like it, but, here goes.

It was awful ! It was like riding through a permanent carnival. With sooooooooo many go cart tracks and sooooooooo many mini golf courses. Oh my gosh. There must have been fifty of each in each town. And then there are the shows.

Ok, this is the kind of town our friends like. We don’t care for this kind of “things to do”.

Well, we played cards for awhile, then we walked the town for a couple of hours. Our friends went to a show one evening and we went to the Bass Pro Shop! Now ! that’s our kind of walking around. We went back to the hotel and played more cards. When the men went to play golf, (not mini golf) the women went to town to the area called “the old Mill”. It was a lot of craft type stores. So I had a great time. More cards in the evening and then on our last day there, I said I would like to go find a water fall. So we asked at the front desk and they pointed the way to one just a couple of miles from the hotel. We hiked 1.2 miles up to the water fall. Our friends only went part of the way. Not realizing they were more than ½ way there, they turned around and went back to the car. It was almost worth the walk. A water fall is music to my ears. However, when you are under them or near them, you can’t hear very much, unless you talk loud or yell.

On the way home, we followed the GPS monitor. What….a….trip. Yes, it took us longer to go home but well worth the time. It took us through the mountains with quite a few stopping points to take pictures. Here are two of the best. (Scott missed his calling).

What the almighty has made………

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It’s been a while since I bloged and I am just enjoying the cooler weather we are having. I’ve been doing some reading lately…. Mainly everyone’s blogs.