Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beauregard party time

Well, it was the family gathering for another party.

Mom has now had 75 birthday parties.
Quite a few family members were there. Karen and her two boys, Sean and Ryan.

Ryan is in orange on the left
Karen and Sean are in the
Picture to the right.

Myself, Scott, our son Daniel was working.

Duane and his wife Debbie with their daughters Tracy and Amber were there. Tracy's husband was working somehow Amber did not get in any of my pictures.

Debbie and Tracy to the left

Duane is in the yellow shirt with Dad Behind him.
Scott is to the right of Duane.

Dawn and Mark were there.

Tim and his son JP were there.

Tim to the left with the birthday girl.

There was swimming during the day and the bar-b-q in the evening with cake and presents.

Hope everyone will enjoy the pictures. Here is one of the five of us.