Thursday, February 22, 2007


OK so who remembers this and who still celebrates it? I know my mother's sister does.

Michigan's first Catholic settlers were French, but the Fat Tuesday celebrations of modern times in Detroit stem from more the recent influence of the Polish Paczki Day. Locals flock to the local bakeries of Hamtramck to enjoy the large round Paczki doughnuts filled with raspberry, prune or vanilla cream. The colder climate of Michigan does not lend itself to a Carnival type celebration but the local media outlets do make a spectacle of Paczki day every year.

Anyone still celebrate pancake day? I know Ihop does down here however I think they are missled as to the meaning. They call it customer appreciation day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

For Sale

I had not posted a blog since the Open House/Oscar Nite at Mom & ?Dad's? place.

I have been quite busy with putting 18 townhomes on the market.
It seems the housing market is starting to pick up once again. Not that prices are going up, they are staying the same so far.
Interest rate has dropped again, this should get those sellers and buyers out there.

Since our visit to Tim's house, Mom and I have somewhat completed my kitchen, we painted over the wall paper, put up a new border and valances and I bought a new throw rug. Everything else in the kitchen stayed the same. The only part we forgot was behind the refrigerator.

We then painted the 1/2 bath on the first floor.

With the exception of my laundry room, the first floor is complete.

I'm trying to keep up with Tim however, my projects involve paint, paper and fabric, not wood.